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We are a multi-sector company, export and import of various products (agri-food, agricultural raw materials and polymers) founded in September 2021 and registered in Mauritius, IVAC INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is part of the evolution process of the African continent . We have an implementation strategy in various sectors of activity to form a coherent ecosystem for our customers.

We are present in the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire with our branch IVORY AGRO COMPANY, in Russia with IVAC RUSSIA, in Togo with IVAC – Togo.

The success of the company is determined by our strategic partners, for whom we express our gratitude and appreciation. In return, we will continue to be committed to the idea of mutually beneficial cooperation and the development of new areas of partnership.


The mission of our company is to provide a wide range of services to African consumers of agro-food, polymer and agricultural materials.

The core values of our company are:

  • Ensure an irreproachable commercial reputation;
  • The development of honest, stable and secure cooperation with all partners;
  • Understand the needs of our customers and ensure that the necessary efforts are made to meet their needs.
  • Analysis and forecasting of market trends for agri-food, polymer and agricultural raw materials and constant work on expanding the product range.
  • The continuous development of personnel, as a considerable resource and main value of the organization;
  • The importance of each partner for the company, despite the importance of its activity;
  • The desire to improve the efficiency of our customers


Product strategy and structural development strategy are two directions that present the company’s strategic development.

The company’s strategic objectives are:

  • Occupy the leading position in local markets,
  • Achieve significant market share expansion in all countries of the African continent.
  • The company's strategic goal is to create a modern and highly integrated intelligent transportation and warehouse logistics management system. This system is created in cooperation with the largest cargo truck
  • The company constantly develops and optimizes internal and external business processes for certification and maintenance of an appropriate level of management in accordance with the ISO9001 series of international quality management standards.
  • The information technology department will continuously improve the company's information system based on the latest hardware and software tools of the ERP level.


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